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Cala Di Greco

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Built in the midst of 30,000 square meters of Mediterranean plants and based on the compelling and resolutely modern idea of making a space enchanting, the suites of the Cala di Greco Hotel look out onto the most attractive of settings – the incomparable scenery of Bonifacio. For our luxury hotel in Bonifacio, the Cala di Greco, we have designed suites that are nestled into the scenery, each with its own private patio set into the natural landscape. It is the generosity of nature that has provided us with the materials – earth, stone and wood – essential for an elegant decor and unostentatious luxury. Even in the intimacy of your suite you are not quite sure whether you are really inside or outside. Nature is everywhere, even in the decor of the bathroom. The suites of the luxury Cala di Greco Hotel are elegant and refined, offering unique landscapes that vary infinitely with the colour of the daylight. It is at sunset that the palette of colours is truly enchanting. It is at this magical time of day that nature is at its most generous. You will find yourself at the heart of a unique symphony with Bonifacio as its major chord. The explosion of fragrances of the Mediterranean plants, intermingled with the subtlety of the sea air, revelling with the colours of sundown, will make you forget time for a moment…

Cala Di Greco
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Hôtel Cala di Greco Bancarello

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Neighborhood: Sud Corse
Telephone: +33 4 95737074
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mar. 31 to nov. 10Everyday From 12:00AM to 12:00AM
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