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Gulf of Santa Manza

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Located near Porto-Vecchio, the Gulf of Santa Manza, or Sant'Amanza houses a bay and a peninsula known for their sandy beaches and turquoise blue water. Wedged between Punta di-Rondinara and Punta di-U-Capicciolu, beach Maora is certainly the most beautiful of them, and the best known, with his hut and sandy tan. Website traffic during the tourist season, the Gulf of Santa Manza offers some exceptions panoramas over the city of Bonifacio.

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  • Gulf of Santa Manza

    Piccolo golfo a 7km da Bonifacio, un vero paradiso, formato da piccole e deliziose spiaggette isolare e selvagge. Grazie al vento che batte le coste incessantemente, considerato uno dei migliori posti per praticare windsurf e kitesurf.

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Gulf of Santa Manza
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