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Pont de l'Enfer

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Situated in Velone-Orneto, the place called the Bridge of Hell, offers a stroll along the river Petrignani in the shade of a lush nature, to discover the wealth of the local flora and the beauty of this wild and preserved heritage. You can enjoy a swim in the river. This old stone bridge over a mountain stream is also the starting point of several marked trails, and can be an excursion in the vicinity. It is also a recommended spot for river fishing. The legends that give its name to the bridge are numerous: a young man would have drowned, or a massacre would have taken place in the time of war ... Anyway, the place is still magnificent and worth seeing. Source: Castagniccia Tourist Office, mare & monti

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  • Pont de l'Enfer

    Magnifique promenade le long d'une rivière cristalline en pleine nature. prévoir de bonnes chaussures de marches. Superbes endroits de baignade.

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Pont de l'Enfer
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