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River Manganellu (Canaglia)

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The Manganellu is a river that runs through the villages of Vivario and Canaglia, Haute-Corse. She throws herself into the river Vecchio, which empties itself into the Tavignanu, the longest river in Corsica. Moreover, we can swim in Corte! What are the strengths of the river Manganellu? It runs along the GR20 trail and has many basins and natural pools along the route. Even if you are on the GR20, the trail is passable. On this stretch, you cross a pine forest. Take a deep breath and soak up the relaxing atmosphere of this relatively easy path and shadow. Pools on the trail? It only remains for you to swim ... or soak your feet if you're cautious. Remember stop freshness to the fold of Tolla, you can enjoy cold cuts and good cheese. Very friendly welcome (1 hour walk - to prefer the tennis flip flops, easy but rocky road ...)

River Manganellu (Canaglia)
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