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The valley and its river Fangu

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Watershed Fangu encloses the land and Falasorma Marzulinu still traces of footprints large transhumance between piaghja and Muntagna. This area is now a vast area of ​​unspoilt nature, designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, where coexist residents, tourists, environmental managers and researchers. The Fangu drains the western slopes of the highest parts of the great Corsican mountain ridge (Punta Minuta: 2556 m). Its carved into the rhyolite canyons and natural swimming areas generate significant summer use.   How to get there ...   - 40-minute drive from Calvi - Exit towards Calvi Ile-Rousse, Bastia - Head Airport Calvi Ste Catherine (right in the roundabout) - Continue straight past the airport and then take the right fork that goes to Galeria - Continue to the bridge 5 Arcot; after the bridge turn left. - The river is down against all along the road. - Car parks regulated by signs and are defined at your disposal along the route: parking and parking Treccia Ponte Vecchju (the latter is paying € 4 a day). Fango Valley is a natural wooded area and the road that serves very narrow; it is very important to follow these parking areas to allow a sufficient passage for emergency vehicles and fire prevention. Together conserve nature ...   Some tips before you start ...   - Basic equipment in your bag: good sneakers (keep the flip-flops for the beach!), Sunglasses, hat or cap, sunscreen, sandwiches, a trash bag, at least 1.5 liters of water, a cell phone (loaded!), a first aid kit, and of course a camera for the memories. - Annually Corsica account of serious fires. Help us to protect this very special kind: Do not leave your trash - Moderate your pickings - Do not smoke - Do not bivouac and do not light fires - Do not disturb the animals. In the event of high winds or storm in the mountains, forest walks and swimming in the river are strongly discouraged or prohibited. Good swim!

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  • The valley and its river Fangu

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The valley and its river Fangu
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