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Waterfall di l'Onda

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A hiking trail that will take you to the river that ends in a waterfall of beauty. The start is on the left of the square of the village church Carcheto Brusticho. After a few minutes walk, you will find the fountain "di l'Onda." 100 meters down, between the walls of a circle of stones and surrounded by trees ageless unveils the cascade of Struccia with a fall of over 15 meters.

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  • Waterfall di l'Onda

    Well, we have just returned from this location. The waterfall is beautiful as well as its surroundings. The Carcheto willage is nice too. Parking is directly in front of the Church. Willage is situated in a beautiful 360 degree mountain panorama. We highly recommend to visit the place to everyone who wants to see the real Corsica. The only con is a bit complicated mountain road which can be difficult for little children. Unfortunately the application does not help with the journey planning too as gps is missing. For those who want to travel to Carcheto to visit the waterfall, gps for the parking in front of the church is 42.36703 N, 9.36762 E. Bon voyage. <i>Friendly Corsica: Thank you for your comment, it helps us to improve our app. I moved the starting point of the walk so that the GPS indicates the church, unfortunately the GPS can indicate only the starting point and not follow you along the walk. Friendly Corsica</i>

  • Waterfall di l'Onda

    Sehr schöner und ruhiger Ort. Man sollte die Badehose unbedingt dabei haben.

  • Waterfall di l'Onda

    magnifique tout pour pique nique peu de monde car faut chercher un peu le eau est fraîche mais le bain agréable sous la cascade

  • Waterfall di l'Onda

    Très belle, hélas un peu petite, endroit idéal pour se baigner en cas de forte chaleur l'été ...

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Waterfall di l'Onda
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