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Capitello tower

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The tower stands on the coast at the source of Prunelli facing the Gulf of Ajaccio, at the North entrance of Porticcio. The tower is 11 metres high. With its 42 meters in circumference at the base, it is is bigger than other towers. Its architecture is also very luxurious. Where the tower stands, an important event in the life of Napoleon Bonaparte happened. Insurrection supporters of Pascal Paoli broke out in the island in 1793 , following the case of Sardinia after which it was deprived of his command by the Convention in which he had been brought by the intervention of Lucien Bonaparte, Napoleon's brother. Bonaparte now "enemies of Paoli " took refuge in Milelli , the " Casa Buonaparte " was sacked. Napoleon , a young officer managed to persuade the Commissioners of the Republic to retake the city. A fleet was then sent to the Ajaccio Bay and Napoleon settled with fifty men in the tower, with the plan to attack the city by land. But the tower was besieged and the project failed . However, Napoleon was able to join the fleet and recovered his family near the tower. From there they went to Calvi and Toulon. Napoleon saw Corsica on his return from Egypt.

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  • Capitello tower

    lieu calme et reposant.

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Capitello tower
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