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8000 years Filitosa jealously guards its menhir statues, monuments its circular (the "Torre") and its mysteries ... True open-air museum, Filitosa retains traces of a long occupation, ranging from the sixth millennium BC until the Roman occupation. During the second millennium BC. JC, stonemasons and sculptors will megalithic Filitosa the largest center of Corsican statuary, the most prodigious Mediterranean. This exceptional site in the heart of an outstanding natural area was discovered in 1946 by Charles-Antoine Cesari and searched for 20 years, by the archaeologist and researcher at CNRS, Roger Grosjean. Historical Monument, Filitosa is listed hundred historic sites of common interest to the countries of the Mediterranean. Source Tourist Sartenais-Valinco Taravo.

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  • Filitosa

    Nice walk! In the site there are free audioguides in four different languages: French, Dutch, English, Italian.

  • Filitosa

    Site intéressant mais assez mal expliqué. On s’y perd un peu.

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