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Former barracks

Cultural heritage | L'Île-Rousse - Balagne
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Military building was built in 1765, along with a small port (the current pier fishermen), at the initiative of Pascal Paoli who had fortify Scalo, the current Old Town. The island passed under French military administration in 1768, the barracks was called "Vaux" in honor of Count de Vaux in 1769 who had completed the conquest of Corse14. For the same reason, L'Île-Rousse even fleetingly brought the name "City of Vaux." The barracks used to house various garrisons, Corsican, French and Genoese. It housed the services of customs administration until the end of the twentieth century when the recipe is closed Customs under a reorganization of services. Restored from the building became the current town hall. Its surroundings, esplanade and medians have been redeveloped along Scalo tower was restored. (source: Tourism Office Balagne)

Former barracks
France Cultural heritage

Neighborhood: L'Île-Rousse - Balagne
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