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Mariana, the antique city

Cultural heritage | Marana-Golo
Mariana, the antique city

The location chosen for the foundation of the city that will be the front door of Roma in Corsica, was originally a quiet and wooded field, which affluent surroundings have with the mild climate favors retained by conquerors. Among them, in the year 94 BC, one of the greatest generals of the antiquity, CAIUS-MARIUS, winner of the Cimbri and Teutons and Rome rival Sylla (Aleria future rebuilder of 81 in the year before JC) by order of the Senate chooses to implement this land conquered a colony of veterans Romans, he named in reference to his name: MARIANA.

Mariana, the antique city
France Cultural heritage

Bastia and the Cap Corse
Neighborhood: Marana-Golo
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