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Notre Dame de Monserato Chapel

Cultural heritage | Bastia
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This chapel is also called Chapel SCALA SANTA. Some history: In 1811, 424 Roman priests who refused to swear allegiance to the Emperor Napoleon had been exiled first to Corsica. People of Bastia welcomed them very warmly. On their return to Roma, these prelates obtained from Pope Pius VII authorization to grant to the city of Bastia, the rare privilege of owning a Scala Santa in the image of that of Roma. Bastia Tourist Office

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  • Notre Dame de Monserato Chapel

    Petite église atypique avec sa légende autour de son escalier ...... Elle fait partie du tour en minibus sans toit au départ de l'office du tourisme.

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Notre Dame de Monserato Chapel
France Cultural heritage

Chemin de Monserato

Bastia and the Cap Corse
Neighborhood: Bastia
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