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Saint Antoine Oratory

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The Oratory Saint Anthony is the chapel of the brotherhood of the same name . If the Brotherhood of Saint Anthony Abbot Calvi date half of the fourteenth century, the chapel ( called Casazza in Corsican ) dates from the early sixteenth century. It still houses , contrary to what many guides tell , meetings and ceremonies of the brotherhood ( offices of the dead , masses, patronal feast , Tenebrae , Holy Week , etc.). Because the building n ' has never been desecrated . Like most religious buildings, the Brotherhood agreed to open its doors to cultural events. Visitors can enjoy three frescoes dating from 1510 and 1513 years, and a triptych depicting a crucifixion and the annunciation , a crucifix of the late seventeenth century still used today for the ceremony of Holy Week , a statue of Saint Anthony Abbot sitting ( fifteenth century . ) and another of the same saint, dated 2006 and made ​​by the artist Toni balanin Casalonga . The Brotherhood Saint Anthony Calvi is one of the most active and dynamic of Corsica. An important task of collecting and restoration of tradition ( songs, processions , offices ) has been done for more than twenty years , the Brotherhood is deeply involved in the dissemination of the Corsican language and liturgy is the source of a Corsican translation of the Roman Missal . The Oratory of St. Anthony is a historical monument since 1976. (source: Tourism Office Balagne )

Saint Antoine Oratory
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