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Saint Jean-Baptiste Cathedral

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Saint Jean-Baptiste Cathedral

Located in the Upper Town in the Genoese fortress, Saint -Jean- Baptiste Pro- Cathedral was from 1625 the residence of the Bishop of Sagone . The early church which there remain only a few items , was from the beginning of the Renaissance. It was probably destroyed in 1555 during the siege of the city by the French allies the Turks , whose fleets bombarded the citadel. In 1567 , lightning , falling on the powder magazines of the citadel , destroyed the church. The work of reconstruction began in 1600 ; but lack of resources , the choir was not completed until 1628. The rest of the building was fully completed in 1747. Loggia and interior of the church is protected , the listed building historique19 Monument. It contains beautiful works of ancient art: the baptismal font and the altar in polychrome marble, triptych in the apse of the fifteenth century and the Black Christ of Miracles ( enclosed in a glass niche in the altar of invoice Italian right of the choir ) that would have so impressed the Turks in 1555 they raised the siege of the city. To the left of the altar , the chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary adorned with a marble altar . Each side of the altar stand two twisted black marble columns. Our Lady of the Rosary is wearing her blue dress. The Holy Wednesday, she dons a black dress to participate in all processions of Holy Week calvaise . (source: Tourism Office Balagne )

Saint Jean-Baptiste Cathedral
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Neighborhood: Calvi-Balagne
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