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Scalo tower

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Scalo tower

Tower Scalo ( Scalu ) that is on the current Town Hall Square restored in 2012, was built in the seventeenth century, under the name Tower Fabiani . Fabiani was one of the main families of Santa Reparata owner of the site where it had magazini (warehouses ) and botteghe (shops ) in the Genoese period , before the construction of the port of L'Île- Rousse by Pascal Paoli. The tower was supposed to protect their property. It was used to store salt happening Provencal salt . The salt is allowed to receive a significant tax revenue : the salt tax . April 5 , 1731, the tower is taken by the Corsicans revolted against Genoa. Paoli made ​​her consolidate to protect Palazzu . But the tower will be taken by the French troops. On the 25 May 1769 Arcambal definitely takes possession of Ile Rousse . The tower was requisitioned and became the magazine of the military instead. On August 2, 1778 , lightning struck the tower magazine and causes a massive explosion , destroying a part of the neighborhood . Father Don Antonio Orticoni former military chaplain, wrote in his méoires " five men and one woman died , besides many wounded." The tower was rebuilt , reduced by two meters, to serve again tinderbox . In 1900 , the military buildings are bought by the municipality. In 1943 , the tower serves some prison time for detainees suspected of collaboration. Later, she served showroom remains found during archaeological excavations underwater . (source : Office of Tourism Balagne )

Scalo tower
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