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St Pancrace chapel (Lapedina)

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St Pancrace chapel (Lapedina)

At the top of Lapedina suprana (upper) stands, harmonious and proud, the chapel of St. Pancras - San Pancraziu - young martyr of the early church. It is a very ancient place of worship oriented east-west . Cap Corse believers went there on pilgrimage. The building was renovated in the rules of art by Associu curbarese, an association based in Lapedina . Father Lhostis tells a story about a "miracle" that would have occurred in St. Pancras and which can still see the trace as a crutch hanging on the back of the chapel : it belonged to the master cabinetmaker Giovanni remarkable craftsman who lived in the nineteenth century. He was paralyzed and one day when he was at St. Pancras to check the work of woodmen who were eager to eat, forgot him . " The carpenter, abandoned, says Lhostis, took his crutches, dragged himself painfully to the door, then stood on his paralyzed legs, walked easily and overjoyed , he joined his home after throwing his crutches which he never used anymore ." This beautiful story marked the minds of several generations of Corbarais. One of the crutches remains hanging on the wall as a testimony . The other crutch was burned in a raging fire (1990) which destroyed the interior of the small sacristy of the chapel and its fully carved furniture. Source: Destination Cap Corse

St Pancrace chapel (Lapedina)
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