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The Genoa Door

Cultural heritage | Sud Corse
The Genoa Door

Formerly called "U Punti d'A dAtu, U Purtun" or the Great Gate, the door of Genova has long been the only access to the citadel. The drawbridge built in 1830, replaced the former dating back from 1598 . Thanks to it, the fortress was considered impregnable, until the iron cannonball was invented! the Turks and the French fired more than 5000 bullets during the attack of 1553. The victory was hard to bear for Bonifaciens since it is the betrayal of one of their own that led to the capitulation. It was the French who settled there, xwho began to rebuild the walls. The citadel we can admire today, was completed by the Genovese, and was much stronger afterwards. Source: Tourist Office of Bonifacio

The Genoa Door
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