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The citadel of Corte

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Of the six Corsican citadels, the citadel of Corti is the only inland. The peak was already fortified in the ninth century, but in 1419 that Vicentello Istria, Viceroy of Corsica to the king of Aragon, made himself master and built the eagle's nest. This strong emphasis will be then occupied by the Corsican feudal lords, the Genoese and the French. The walls of the citadel contained houses and a chapel. The complex was remodeled under Louis XVI, then under Louis Philippe, who gave it its current profile. Wanting to clarify the boundaries, he demolished the chapel and houses included in the enclosure. The people in the occupied expropriated 'Lubiacce' says the building owners '300 'builds on this occasion. Military buildings were then occupied by some garrisons of the city, and converted into Central Prison for political relaxed. During the 1939-1945 war, under the Italian occupation, the Corsican patriots were imprisoned. The citadel was occupied from 1962 to 1984 by the French Foreign Legion in Algeria folded. This site was classified a historic monument in 1977.La visit the citadel (until Eagle's Nest) is now available from the Museum of Corsica. However, you can have free access to the viewpoint (below the citadel) where the panoramic view of the city is near intéressante.Tout you will be met at the offices of the Tourist Office Centru di Corsica.

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  • The citadel of Corte


  • The citadel of Corte

    Jolies petites ruelles. Plein de boutiques et restaurants pour grignoter et se rafraîchir.

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The citadel of Corte
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