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The citadel of Porto-Vecchio

Cultural heritage | Sud Corse
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It is on a large rock huge pink porphyry senators of Genoa in 1539 proposed to the Board of San Giorgio, a wealthy Genoese bank to raise a fortress for the development of the plain and export commodities to their own city.   Thus was born the citadel of Porto-Vecchio. Despite a wide gulf and a fertile hinterland, the place none the less a very strong area of ​​malaria and a real nest of Barbary pirates. From 1540 to 1589, the citadel was destroyed and rebuilt three times. The Republic of Genoa finally gave the island to France in 1768. A year later, troops of King Louis XV took possession of the "Bastion de France" and renamed and settled on a fortified area of ​​3 hectares.   To discover during the historic visit: 5 bastions whose bastion of France, Genoese walls and door, but also Ettori Place, Bel Ombra, San Ghjuvanni Battistu and Santa Cruci chapel church. Source Office of Tourism Porto-Vecchio.

The citadel of Porto-Vecchio
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Rue de la Citadelle

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