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The eight chapels of Pietracorbara

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The eight chapels of Pietracorbara

Eight chapels from the Marina to Lapedina last hamlet located 380 m altitude: Saint- Antoine (Marine ), Saint -Léonard ( Navy ), St. Catherine ( Orneto ), Saint -Antoine ( Oreta transformed into a library), Saint- Roch ( Pietronacce ), Saint -Césaire ( Cortina ), Saint- Guillaume ( Lapedina suttana in ruins ) and Saint Pancras ( Lapedina suprana). These places of worship, some restored or in a project of restoration, are not used ( Mass is celebrated once a year in three of the eight chapels ). The association " path of Light " ( ) arranging the visit of five of them. Take advantage of a guided tour to discover these small places and beautiful, fruit of faith and labor of men ( and women ), families of artisans, peasants, sailors, merchants and landowners who raised then maintained these places of worship.

The eight chapels of Pietracorbara
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