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The site of the Argentella

Cultural heritage | Calvi-Balagne
The site of the Argentella

This former mining site in the open galleries and owes its name to argentiferous lead ( argentu Corsica ), which was extracted . It also produced copper ( chalcopyrite ) ; on the site, was a preparation plant mineral product activity from 1856 to 1930. You can walk on the path on the right side of the road to see the ruins of the factory and enjoy the view Bay Crovani ; however it is not recommended to go to the entrance of the mine. Although a document dating from 1572 already attests to mining activity on the site , It is only during the second half of the 19th century that development will come true: a concession covering an area of ​​2520 hectares is established January 9, 1856 on behalf of the company Moullet . The concession is extended April 14, 1874 . But the biggest work is carried out from 1872 and subsequent years , after the transfer of the concession C. Collas . A dam is built , new extraction uncovered sites ( copper deposit Valle Calde ) , buildings and harbor Julia ( Bay Crovani ) are built. Yields do not seem very good, and in 1876 , the plant operated intermittently . Mine was bought in 1886 by British investors who founded the Argentella Mining Limited: more than 200 people work before it is abandoned in 1888 again. In 1891 the Mining Argentella Compagny a new dynamic impulse but the work cease when the site becomes the property of Arthur C. Southwell , vice-consul of England to Bastia. It sells the equipment from the factory in 1898. The site has been operating attempts in the 1910s and 1920s. Work is performed from 1928 to 1930 by the Mining Company operating in Corsica . (source: Tourism Office Balagne )

The site of the Argentella
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