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Genoese Tower of Porto

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The Genovese Tower of Porto, or Porto di Sia, is watching the arrivals in the Gulf of Porto. It is one of the first towers built on the west coast and one of the four square towers of the island ; construction started in 1551.The tower role was to prottect, monitor and warn against the Barbary attacks that prevailed in the sixteenth century. The bottom of the tower was reinforced with thick walls and an embankment was designed to accommodate a tank. The upper part, was designed to accommodate room for the guards and a terrace for the watchers. The defensive system of the tower, though limited to defend the coast, consisted of battlements that protected the entrance, loopholes, of turrets corbelled, all built on a rocky promontory with a very difficult access. Its raised position enables both to protect the occupants of attacks, but also to warn the population . Renovated in 1993, it is accessible by a path cut into the rocks. Within the tower there is a permanent exhibition about the shores of Corsica. At its feet, slightly below the path, the museum tells about the history of heather and the use of this shrub that is important in the region. Source: Tourist Office of West Corsica.

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  • Genoese Tower of Porto

    sympa la vue est juste super d'en haut!

  • Genoese Tower of Porto

    Un accès payant pour accéder à la tour génoise, dommage!

  • Genoese Tower of Porto


  • Genoese Tower of Porto

    bel endroit la vue est belle et l'exposition permanente nous apprend pas mal de choses sur la vie des Corses et le rôle des tours . bel enrichissement culturel

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Genoese Tower of Porto
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