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Pietracorbara fountains

Cultural heritage | Cap-Corse
Pietracorbara fountains

Springs and fountains are the wealth of a village, the places where people used to meet and a place of friendliness, they are now the highlights in walking tours. Built in the second half of the nineteenth century , they were , for the people , a huge step forward and a great time-saver : they brought houses near the water before the water was brought in houses, a century later. It was then that their main function disappeared. For a decade, the tradition of fresh water for lunch or dinner was carried on, this water that people picked up under the arch and brought back in a jug and placed on the family table. In Pietracorbara there are five traditional fountains. Four were restored in 2007 by the municipality and Petra Viva association with the help of the Office for the Environment of Corsica and through the European Leader program. There is also a "fountain - source " than the passatoghju ( Lapedina ), and several sources including Chiuselinu , U Lucu , Mente A , U Pinu . The water quality of these fountains is not regularly monitored by a reference organization. Source Destination Cap Corse.

Pietracorbara fountains
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