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The lighthouse Alistro

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The lighthouse is built on Alistro the town of San Giuliano (Haute-Corse), north of Aleria near Alistro. It is 50 m from the semaphore. It is used to mark the east coast of Corsica between Bastia and Nice, coastal zone having no mark. It is built on the land, 2 km from the coast to enjoy a natural elevation of the land. Upon ignition in 1864, it had a fixed white light of the first order. In 1910, it was replaced by a fire two flashes every 10 seconds. In September 1943, the dome of the lighthouse was damaged by German troops. In 1945 it was rehabilitated. It is electrified since 1964.

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  • The lighthouse Alistro

    Le Phare ne peut être visité. C'est un site militaire dont l'accès est interdit su publique.

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The lighthouse Alistro
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