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A Castagniccia

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A Castagniccia

30 minutes from the sea, Castagniccia mountainous region in the heart of Corsica, is characterised by high hills with slopes covered with endless chestnut trees, watched over by small houses in the villages. It offers calm, greenery, freshness. To rest and walk, shade and water are everywhere. Austere and beautiful, the curious Castagniccia offers some wonderful discoveries. Sometimes spectacular buildings, especially when it comes to religious art, is in harmony with the sober and modest commercial buildings such as mills, ovens and fountains that showed a large artisanal and agricultural activity. Indeed, Castagniccia was long the most populated part of the island, reaching the highest density rural Europe in the 19th century. In villages, you can admire some rare jewels of baroque architecture, then many country trails that criss-cross throughout the island, you will discover small Romanesque chapels (11th and 12th century ) that dot the countryside. Birthplace of famous characters including Pascal Paoli, Castagniccia boasts a strong identity. In the 18th century, Castagniccia plays a key role during the war of independence. Three monasteries which were the seat of " Consultes ". Castagnicia is also local products character. Once basic food, chestnut flour is now a noble and natural product used in the preparation of many culinary specialties. Its traditional meats and cheeses are popular with locals as well as visitors. Do not miss the sparkling Orezza mineral water, known since antiquity, it will surprise you with its unique taste. Source: Tourist Office of Costa Verde

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