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Casinca: a strong cultural heritage

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Casinca: a strong cultural heritage

Today , the term " Casinca " determines very different realities . This term applies to administrative districts since we are talking of the canton Casinca and the community of communes retained this term . It is also an ecclesiastical district since at least the ninth century and perhaps even earlier . Indeed, Casinca also means one of pievi Diocese of Mariana, the Pieve is an intermediate level between the diocese and the parish.  But Casinca is not a mere administrative or religious division , it is also and above all a coherent geographical entity with natural boundaries clearly marked. This micro- north- east of Corsica is an area bounded on the north by the terminal portion of the longest river of the island: the Golu . To the west the horizon is blocked by the mountain range I Sant'Anghjuli which rises to 1,218 m. South , the boundary is given by the Fium ' Altu , another major watercourse , while in the east the Casinca is bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea. Nuvale Creek , which rises to 730 m. of altitude, I walk Sant'Anghjuli , sharing the space thus defined by two since its mountainous part to the plain . In the northern part are the current municipalities Viscuvatu , Loretu and Venzulasca ; those in the southern part of Sorbu - Ocagnani , Castellà , Penta and Porri . Loretu Porri and have not, or no longer , or plain or sea outlet . Other communal areas are organized in parallel bands stretching from east to west along a coastal - plain - mountain carving . (source: Office of Tourism Costa Verde )

Casinca: a strong cultural heritage
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