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Centre of Corsica: land of shepherds

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Centre of Corsica: land of shepherds

The pastoral tradition, still alive, has shaped U Centru di Corsica it owes much of its cultural, landscape and architectural identity. Transhumance paths that borrow and spend valleys peaks at very high altitude, are glazed sheep here and there with stunning architecture reflecting intense activity. Goat or sheep cheese production is known throughout the island, such as cheeses and Niolu Venachese, land where the shepherd king. The fair is held annually cheese to Venacu, one can discover the brocciu iconic specialty of the island, which now has an AOC certification In Niolu during the celebration of "Santa" very important religious commemoration in Corsica on September 8, frequently Mountain is held every year instead of representation, demonstration and reflection on the development of Mountain (outdoor activities, farmhouse, handicraft production quality cultural activities.).

Centre of Corsica: land of shepherds
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The centre of the island
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