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Evolution and lifestyles Casinca

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Evolution and lifestyles Casinca

This is the side of the mountain that is mostly concentrated in the Middle Ages the habitat perched so strongly mark the landscape of Casinca . The current appearance of the plain and the coast is relatively recent. Small towns of Querciolu Arena and especially I Fulelli - which stretch along the RN 198 - were originally mere hamlets appeared late . They have become in the last third of the twentieth century the engines of economic development and demographic micro -regional level. The plain, long plagued by malaria and subject to various incursions , was abandoned for centuries. It was reserved only for agricultural and pastoral activities . French geographers and surveyors Plan Terrier evoked at the end of the eighteenth century , the presence of a vast marshy expanse connecting the mouth of Golu than the Fium'Altu . The massive and permanent settlement of populations in plain Casinca and more broadly across the eastern plain , has been possible thanks to the chemical treatment of the coastal strip that came complete a series of major capital projects remediation undertaken since the early nineteenth century. This final operation allowed postwar permanently regain this space became marshy and unhealthy over the centuries , and again in a fertile territory and welcoming. (source: Office of Tourism Costa Verde )

Evolution and lifestyles Casinca
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