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Legend creeks of Piana

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A legend tells of their creation : " Satan fell madly in love with a shepherdess. He watched her for weeks from the depths of hell, falling in love with her more and more every day. One morning he appeared on Earth and began the conquest of the beautiful shepherdess. Instead of yielding to the Prince of Darkness, the young woman yeld at him, hit him and called her husband. He came full of blind rage. He armed himself with a stick of oak and administered a good beating to the poor devil who had to flee his tail between his legs. he did not even try to kill the husband or the wife . It would have been too easy. He decided to make the place unlivable . Then he split , broke and knocked down, put the rock upside down with, however, a clear artistic concern as old Corsicans say with a touch of imagination, you can see carved into the cliffs, the shepherd, the shepherdess and their dog. Saint-Martin stopped by and decided to bless the cliffs. When he realised that he could the fury, he called a wave to stroke the rock. Thus was born the Gulf of Porto ... " Source: Tourism Office West Corsica .

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Legend creeks of Piana
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