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Station Soveria : gastronomy and seasons

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Station Soveria : gastronomy and seasons

Corsican gastronomy is based on a wide range of authentic products. Winter is the best season to enjoy meat, cheese and Corsican clementines! It is also the season to taste the " pulenda " (Corsican chestnut flour, water and salt), accompanied with figatellu cooked in the fire, brocciu (fresh cheese) and fried eggs. Corsican charcuterie is distinguished by its unique products : lonzu ( pork preserved with its layer of fat), coppa ( pork loin cut in the chest ), the prizuttu ( lean ham ) figatellu ( sausage made with pig liver that can be eaten raw but that is usually served grilled ) and salsiccia ( spicy sausage ) . Corsican garden provides good vegetables and orchard excellent fruit : plums, peaches, cherries, almonds, clementines, oranges, lemons, kiwi, figs ... The vineyards thrive and produce wines of good quality. The sea provides an abundance of fish, shellfish, lobsters of exquisite flesh and other crustaceans. Lakes and streams provide us with delicious trout of delicate flesh. Enjoy! More info in the category Travel / Dining.

Station Soveria : gastronomy and seasons
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