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Station Venaco: The shepherds' calendar

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Station Venaco: The shepherds' calendar

The calendar of the Corsican shepherds ! January: " A tombera " , this is the time when pigs are killed (in order to make sausages) and it is also at this time of year that hunting has to stop. February: it is in February that goats give birth. March: this is the month where purcazu (small pigs) are bought and then killed nine months later. Fishing also starts this month . April-May : "A Tondera " it 's time to mow the animals. It is also the St Pancras, Patron Saint of the shepherds. And it is at this time that the first ploughing is performed . June: second ploughing, clearing under the chestnuts. Fenaisons : when wheat is cut . July: "A Tribbiera " , it is the threshing of the wheat. August : This is the opening of the fishing and hunting. September: our sheep give birth, it is the closure of fishing in freshwater. October: last ploughing, this is the time where you pick up chestnuts and weaning of lambs is performed . November: drying chestnuts (formerly in rataghju ; granary and chestnuts traditional Corsican houses) December: it is during this festive season, that you can buy good chestnut flour .

Station Venaco: The shepherds' calendar
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