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Station Vivario "U Trinighellu" the little train Corsica

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Station Vivario "U Trinighellu" the little train Corsica

In 1855 was launched the idea of ​​a "railway Sardo-Corsican" connecting Bastia Bonifacio, to facilitate relations between France and Algeria. In 1864, priority was given to a link Bastia - Ajaccio. The State decides to directly hand the construction of the first line, saying the project is not lucrative enough to attract private capital. The Act of 17 July 1879 implementing the "Plan Freycinet," says general interest Ajaccio lines Propriano (66 km), Ponte-Leccia to Calvi (72 km) and Casamozza Bonifacio (150 km). In the midst of work, February 21, 1883, an agreement was signed between the Ministry and the Society of Railway county (CFD) for the operation of the line construction and the construction of other lines provided. The following section Vizzavone Vivario is commissioned 9 October 1892, with the tunneling ridge Vizzavona along 3,916 m. However, the construction of the main bridge that is the bridge Vecchio, entrusted to the company by Gustave Eiffel, only starts late 1890. CFD shows no willingness to continue the construction of the line on the east coast, which is supposed to become deficient from the départ.Le commercial service on the extension of Solenzara can finally be inaugurated September 15, 1930, and trains to Porto-Vecchio from 21 September 1935. This is the culmination of the network which reaches its maximum extension of 360 km. The line will never reach Bonifacio. Ajaccio to Propriano line was never built. Moreover, after heavy damage to the line of the east coast during the last months of World War II in Corsica, it closes to all traffic Sept. 8, 1943 beyond Folelli-Orezza, and the remaining 10 km are abandoned ten years later. Since 1 July 1953, so the network presents its current extension of 232 km. Today the railways Corsica (CFC) is a network path metric length of 232 km, which interconnects four major cities of Corsica. Corsicans have called u Trinighellu ("the train"). Its function is the regional passenger transport, with intercity routes, suburban services to Bastia and Ajaccio and a tourist service on the coast of Balagne. The operation was carried out in the course of history by three private companies and service of Highways, before being assigned to the station early 1983. Railway infrastructure was owned directly by the state until 22 January 2002 and has belonged to the Territorial Collectivity of Corsica (CTC), which is also the transit authority from LE13 May 1991. 1 January 2012, SNCF no longer provide commercial network service, the local authority has chosen to entrust the operation to a mixed economy company (SEM) established for this purpose. The National Society of caution an advisory role in this structure.

Station Vivario "U Trinighellu" the little train Corsica
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