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The "Palaces" of the Corsican people who left for America

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The "Palaces" of the Corsican people who left for America

Quite surprising in the landscape, these large rectangular buildings, built in the nineteenth century or early twentieth century. Generally they have a four-sided roof built with slates from the island. Constructed or on a hill or in a privileged place, often surrounded by a garden with palm trees, and other majestic trees. These "palaces" are first monuments that celebrate social success. Original owners are bold Cap corsins who went to gain wealth in the Americas and who came back home to build their houses and tombs. In the nineteenth century Pietracorbara counts a lot of inhabitants (946 people in 1891) . There is no work for everyone. For this reason the migration to the Americas accelerated. In 1871 there were nine Corbarais installed in Puerto Rico. Large families in the village have almost all representative : Damiani , Dominici , Franceschi , Defendini , Giuliani. There are seven palaces of Americani in Pietracorbara. Inside the houses have very wide staircases. The rooms are not large but they enjoy the comfort of the time ( running water, bathrooms, bread oven in the house etc ...). These "palaces" are inspired by Tuscan neoclassical architecture. The garden around the house is a new idea brought back from America. Thus was born , in this rural Corsica, laborious and poor between the two centuries , a manifestation of success and luxury, a positive representation of elsewhere. Source: Destination Cap Corse

The "Palaces" of the Corsican people who left for America
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