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The Legend of Saint Lucia

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Every region, every town has its legends. It is a famous who comes from Ste Lucie de Porto Vecchio. This legend dates from the 4th century. According to statements, Lucie girl nobility Syracuse won the miraculous healing of his mother suffering from an incurable disease force repeated Mary prayers. Worshiping and devotion to the Virgin limitless, Lucie tore his eyes and threw them into the sea not to be diverted from her faith and her suitor away. In another version, this gesture has its origin in the behavior of the bridegroom, who continued to press it when she vowed her life to the needy, Lucia asked him what drove him to be as enterprising as their only response would have been "your eyes. " Lucie then tore both eyes using a small knife and then, after arranged in a flat, raised them to grope her fiance. the Blessed Virgin, restore his sight and gave him the most beautiful and brightest "occhji belli e lucentti" eyes. The cover of the shell named "Turbo Rough" found on the shores of Corsica, after a big storm, symbolizes the eyes of St. Lucia. Wear one away the evil eye and promotes luck. The size of the lids may vary from 2mm to 3cm. Source Office of Tourism Zonza.

The Legend of Saint Lucia
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