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The bread ovens & fountains of Castagniccia

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The bread ovens & fountains of Castagniccia

Toaster ovens are circular contiguous to houses. Some are collective, built in the middle of villages for the benefit of all and still used during village festivals like Piedicroce where the collective oven has been completely renovated. Essential dryers chestnut were either small independent buildings or the top floor of the tallest structures. Fireplaces are also hardy and amazing . Facades and interior fountains covered often have small niches for religious statuettes to protect the house. The doors are narrow, solid wood , and sometimes carved with the initials of the family or the date of manufacture on their lintel. Small stone arches are very popular for starters, windows, passages between houses or below the covered streets , small bridges ... Finally, Castagniccia has an exceptional and unique geological material: " Green d ' Orezza " . Precious marble veins ranging from emerald green to bluish-gray amazing . The quarry is closed for a few years but this stone is everywhere, roadside or at a bend . However, it is still used by sculptors and jewelers few artisans. Prince Giovanni de Medici in Florence decorated his mausoleum and the subject is part , among other things, jewelry treasure Medici ... (source: Office of Tourism Costa verde )

The bread ovens & fountains of Castagniccia
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