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Station Corté: The University Pasquale Paoli

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Station Corté: The University Pasquale Paoli

The University of Corsica, Pasquale Paoli is the only university in Corsica, it accommodates nearly 4,000 students. Located in Corte in the 18th century, the former capital of Corsica. Indeed it is Pasquale Paoli ( Pascal Paoli ) who in 1765 decided to establish a university in order to create an elite of the Corsican people. Pasquale Paoli had been a strong supporter of the Corsican identity in the 18th century, that is the reason why founding an establishment where knowledge was taught, law, science ... was very important to him. At the opening of the university in 1765, 300 students were enrolled. Then in 1769, Paoli lost the battle of Ponte Novo (Corsican Paoli troops against the King of France) and Corsica passed into the hands of another power and that was the end of the university. The university reopened in 1981, 300 students were symbolically enrolled. Autonomous since January 2009, the University of Corsica has created its university foundation "A Fundazione di Università di Corsica" , chaired by Francine Demichel . In 2011, it celebrated thirty years of activity .

Station Corté: The University Pasquale Paoli
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