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Ghjunsani valley

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Ghjunsani valley

Valley Ghjunsani houses , 800 m altitude , in the Regional Natural Park of Corsica , the four villages Olmi Cappella , Pioggiola Vallica and Mausoleum . Cultivated terraces , walls lined with chestnut trees and paths reflect centuries of intense agro pastoral activity. Traversed by rivers and Tartagine Melaghja whose sources arise from forests with the same name , the Ghjussani leans to the highest peaks of Corsica ; Monte Padru to 2395 m to the mountain of Monte Grosso in San Parteu . Scrub dominates first, then mountainside where the views are spectacular, one reaches the planted forest of pines and oaks The fauna is remarkable : the golden eagle and the bearded vulture sometimes hover over ridges. Corsican nuthatch, endemic bird , nests in Corsican pine . The boar is abundant in the forest. In contrast, sheep are more discreet and do not attend the non-forested areas in the mountains. Discreet and accessible only by the high road passes through two , The Ghjunsani is surrounded by beautiful mountains form natural borders offering a variety of landscapes , where vegetation will lower the broom to scrub pines laricci the Tartagine and Melaja . Human occupation is discrete ( Vallica ) , hidden under the chestnut trees ( Pioggiula ) , away from (U Mausoleum ) or dispersed in the slope ( e Olmi Cappella ) . We note , at the built heritage, impressive family houses, bridges admirable architecture built or renovated to Roman, Genoese and French , mule tracks retained their old paving and connecting the villages between them, prehistoric remains ... (source: Tourism Office Balagne )

Ghjunsani valley
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