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Half an hour from Porto-Vecchio and its beaches, the Ospedale (U Spidali) is the first small mountain village at 900 meters altitude. It owes its name to the old hospital in the region that was there before. On leaving the village towards Zonza a small embankment can marvel at a spectacular view of the gulf.   A little higher, nestled in the heart of a forest of pine and beech lariccio, the artificial lake of the Ospedale, draws an enchanting setting .. This dam supplies drinking water to the entire region of the far south.   4 km above the dam, waterfall Piscia di Ghjaddu represents one of the essential routes in the region. Pins Laricciu, waterfall, rock "sentinel" rock shelters ... Following this interpretive trail (1:30 to /) you will discover a beautiful waterfall called "A Piscia di Ghjaddu", which springs from a mineral Wall to make a drop of 70 m.   At over 1000 meters altitude, the hamlet of Cartalavonu is the 1st stage of Mare a Mare Sud. This hiking trail is practiced throughout the year and connects Porto-Vecchio to Propriano in 5 steps (5:00 walk on average per step) through the main villages of the Alta Rocca: Ospedale Cartalavonu, Carbini, Levie, Zonza , Quenza Ghjallicu Serra di Scopamena, Altagène, Sainte Lucie de Tallano Fozzano and Burgu.   The path of Punta Vacca Morta from Cartalavonu leads (1:30 to /) to a plateau 1314 m altitude and offers a magnificent view. With a single glance we contemplate the east coast with the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio and the west coast with the Gulf of Valincu. Source Office of Tourism Porto-Vecchio.

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