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The pond of Diana

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The pond of Diana

The Etang de Diana is the deepest ponds Corsica, with up to 11 meters deep, it covers 170 ha. Renowned for its oyster production that dates from antiquity where the oysters were shipped to Rome. Only shellfish meat was loaded with salt in amphorae and over time the accumulation of shells eventually create small islands as l'îlot fishermen in the heart of the mussels and oysters étang.Ses are still appreciated including oysters "e Nustrale" which won awards at the show in the very agriculture.C'est a fish pond, which strongly attracts cormorants and gulls. The pond is also home to bands wigeon. The beauty of the site is remarkable, the view of the surrounding mountains offer under a beautiful view, where the green of nature merges with the blue of the pond ... Restaurant: "shellfish diana" as 04 95 57 04 55

The pond of Diana
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