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The purity of the sea and its rich architectural heritage, have Calvi as a mole in the island of beauty, nestled in the northwest of Corsica. Its citadel placed on the water looking away snowy mountains, reflecting their shadows on the sea boats moored at the foot of a colourful marina extended by a 5 km beach and a pine forest of 32 hectares, forming one of the most beautiful bays of Corsica. The Peninsula Revellata on the west coast towards Porto, contains 300 acres of most of the local fauna and flora. Located above the city, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Serra, offers the most beautiful panorama of Calvi. Calvi had the great honor of hosting a stage of the 100th Tour de France on July 1st, 2013!! (source: tourist office of Calvi)

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  • Calvi

    Beautiful town with an excellent beach.

  • Calvi

    amazing place

  • Calvi

    Super ville très agréable. Superbe citadelle surplombant la baie. Dès restaurants et des bar très sympathiques.

  • Calvi

    citadelle super !

  • Calvi

    Jolie vielle ville avec resto sympas. Mais plage bondé et très touristique

  • Calvi

    À voir pour sa citadelle et ses ruelles sinueuses, son joli port et tout le reste !

  • Calvi

    Superbe mais dommage que tous les parkings soient payants.

  • Calvi

    superbe ville de balagnee

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