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Territory of high and medium mountains, the village and its hamlets and Pietra Zitamboli Calasima (highest village in Corsica), is located on a belt of high peaks, including the Punta Minuta (2556 m) to the north, Paglia Orba (2525 m) and Capu Tafunatu (the perforated rock, 2335 m) to the west. It lends itself to the appearance of Malin spectacular rock formations such as the Mountain breakthrough (Capu Tafunatu) which would be the consequence of a quarrel between the devil and St. Martin. Things to see and do: Winter: ski resort welcomes you Vergio (summer and winter). Lifts, rest houses, mountain restaurant. The summer and throughout the year: visiting villages and Bridge "Muricciolu" Museum visit Archaeological Discovery Trail, Athletic Golf, Ascension of the Paglia Orba, access to the GR 20 The Park Forest Adventure Valdoniellu.

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The centre of the island
Neighborhood: Pasquale Paoli
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