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Bastelica: Sampiero Corso's village

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Bastelica: Sampiero Corso's village

Bastelica is a group of hamlets on the slopes of Monte Renoso in an alpine landscape Located 850m above sea level, it is the highest village in the valley of Prunelli. Bastelica is a very lively village that has kept an authentic local life, it attracts nature lovers and skiers through the snowy fields of Ese. Bastelica is also known for its excellent charcuterie. Most of all, Bastelica is the homeland of Sampiero Corso, "the most Corsican of all Corsican"! He was a condottiere under the reign of Francois 1er and Henri II. It is said that his tragic love affair with the beautiful Vannina d'Ornano inspired William Shakespeare's famous play "Othello" Do not miss out the statue of Sampiero Corso and the Genovese bridge named Zippitoli classified in 1977.

Bastelica: Sampiero Corso's village
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