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In 1268 after a hard day of fighting against a traitor vassal , and the night arrived, the Marquis de Massa , powerful feudal lord , retired with his troops on the spur of " Tegghie " . The next day, having appreciated the qualities of the site , a true " natural pool " overlooking the beautiful plain of Regino and where the view extends to the sea, he spoke thus : " qua sarebbe a beautiful godere " ( here is a beautiful enjoyment ) and took the decision to fortify this place he called " BELGODERE " to develop it and finally settle there permanently . This device includes existing neighborhoods " Cima " in part " Fade" and that of " Cabin " . The enclosure formed by the facades of terraced houses can not be exceeded at three sites by underpasses - vault. From there , narrow streets lead to the summit of " Tegghie " ( rocks ), where some vestiges of old buildings remain: the basis of the " tower Cima " (tower top) and that of an old building fortified . The main attraction of this site is, however, the view that discovers . ( tourist office Balagne )

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  • Belgodere

    super sympa dans la continuité des petits villages typique de corse

  • Belgodere

    Joli village typiquement Corse....

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