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At the foot of Montegrosso his area of ​​1800 ha rank among the largest in France Commons. The first 15 steps of the famous GR 20 connects the village to shelter Ortu di u Piobbu (nearly 7 hours to walk 1500 m. Altitude difference!). Visit: Church Saint Blaise built from 1671 to 1701, the erected 1870-1875 Chapels of St Anthony and St Ignatius Chapel of St. Restitude campanile. Built in the sixteenth century, in honor of St. Restitude martyred in the third century Calvi, venerated during two processions (Easter Monday and the following Sunday May 21) and proclaimed patron Calenzana and Balagne by Pope John Paul II in 1984. Flatta A Forest. Bonifato forest (3000 ha, 20 km from Calvi): Bonifato (Corsican "place of blessing") is a mecca for hiking, climbing, swimming in the river and the family walk. (source: Tourism Office Balagne)

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