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The village of Cardo already existed in the Middle Ages, but its true origins are lost in the mists of time. Ancient Roman axis, it nevertheless remained a typical Corsican village, built high on a rocky mountain, inhabitants were thus preserved from the attacks of the barbarians, and especially malaria. The village actually developed in the 15th century. On the 4th February 1839, the city of Bastia offered the unification of the town of Cardo to Bastia city. Cardo became a district of Bastia by order of King Louis -Philippe April 13th, 1844 . The Church of San Stefano : It was built in 1835 on the site of the former chapel. The neoclassical church of San Stefano, is heavily inspired by other Baroque buildings found in Bastia. Inside you can admire : - The Organs forum ghotique style 1887, of Giuseppe Paoli and his son . - 2 wooden polychrome statues probably dating from the 17th century. - Paintings from the 18th century. Bastia Tourist Office

Cardo Village
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