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At the heart of wooded hills and valleys fertile Conca is the historical starting GR20. Originally, the village of Conca was populated by shepherds who spent the winter there and conducted summer transhumance to Casale, Paliri, Cappeddu and Bavella. This small village of shepherds, became gradually a large village whose population is sedentary. Beautiful granite houses and some historical monuments today make up an authentic architectural ensemble. It is only in the second part of the 20th century developed the coastline ... Favona Tarco and are among the most popular beaches of Corsica, not far from Conca. Fine sand and turquoise sea, these small resorts invite to relax.

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  • Conca

    C était réellement magnifique une fois la visite terminer aller baladez au bord du Dfci qui longue la rivière les eaux y sont d un bleu éblouissant les contraste de couleur époustouflant.

  • Conca

    Très beau petit village typique

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