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Lama is a pioneer in the micro -region. Old village nestled at the foot of Monte warriors Astu today " medieval village " , it is these hamlets who almost died due to lack of population and even today , less than 100 villagers live in winter rivilégiant ecotourism Lama is the ideal starting point for exploring the region : that of the splendid beach of Ostriconi , the Desert Agriate close , the other villages Ostriconi ( Novella Pietralba Urtaca and Palasca ), the Monte Astu where many highly appreciated mule trails lead hikers ... But above all, Lama wants to be a village atmosphere. Its old traditional village houses still have a window or door open for the traveler. Here, the tradition of hospitality is still respected and they are not responsible delicious small tables of local guests who contradict . (source : Office of Tourism Balagne )

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  • Lama

    Festival du cinéma en juillet où août.

  • Lama

    Très beau village avec de très beaux paysages. a voir absolument.

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