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Lucciana, there you can explore the heritage and natural resources shared with the land of Corsica in which it is deeply rooted. Ancestral values ​​that characterize the village made of ​​traditions, respect for others and immutable rules of hospitality, like most of Corsican villages. History is everywhere here and demonstrates a rich and prestigious past with sites and remarkable buildings that make Mariana colony, Roman city, one of the largest historical centre of Corsica. The unsuspecting visitor who will visit the site of Mariana will struggle to imagine that this place at the beginning of our era, rose nearly 20 hectares of a vast city that counted nearly 30,000 inhabitants . We can not forget the ancient ruins of the church of Saint Michel ( ninth-eleventh century ) and the Convent of St. Francis, the remarkable Baroque church of the village, one of the four institutions of Corsica Barochetto . The village will soon endow a center for Conservation and Study allowing the reception, for research and training of researchers in archeology. Lucciana is twined with the Principality of Monaco and the Commune of Lucciana the Museum site will get the name of " PRINCE RAINIER III OF MONACO " of which the first stone has been laid. The museum will present important discoveries, result of nearly half a century of research . Source: Toursit office of Lucciana-Mariana

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