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According to Giovanni della Grossa, Mausoléo was founded by a Spanish tribe about two centuries before Christ , at a place called Piana al Molino, 300 meters below the present village . It was built in the late fourteenth century. He had 45 fires. Its inhabitants came from San Giovanni " Musuléu vicariatus giovanei " . A. Giudicelli says in his monograph , the Church of San Giovanni remained for a long time the parish church of Mausoléo with residence Pievano . One of the curiosities of Mausoléo stone is shaky ... (over 3 tonnes). Mini canyon 300 meters long, a stream that leads to the old mill , the Genoese bridges ... These places are very popular hiking. Throughout the territory of the municipality is in the Regional more than 1,000 acres of meadows Park . Founded 200 BC by a Spanish horde , this village has withstood barbaric invasions thanks to its rock , A Cima, who at the time was a real stronghold. On this rock , a huge stone over 3 tonnes in precarious balance seems to have been made by man. .... Chapel built around 1530 , contains a very ancient statue of St John the Baptist in olive wood from the church in a nearby village, San Giovanni , abandoned since the fourteenth century. .... Below, in a parade of the most picturesque , flowing skirted by a Roman road that accesses the Castello I Mori, to Genoese bridges, old mills stream and leads to forest home Tartagina . This road also connects to Giunssani Asco is marked by the Regional Natural Park and frequented by hikers. (source : Office of Tourism Balagne )

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