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Olmeta di Tuda

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Olmeta di Tuda

Perched 300 meters above sea level with stunning views over the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Padula , Olmeta -di- Tuda extends to the west, in the plain of Oletta and is on parade Lancone . It is a small town on the hillside , built in concentric shape , offering a sudden urge to get lost in its narrow streets , pushing the heavy doors of mansions. He had the privilege to count among its inhabitants historical figures such as Comte Horace Sebastiani De La Porta, who was Marshal of France in 1840 under the July Monarchy , Ambassador in London, Corsica MP , Minister of the Navy then Foreign Affairs under Louis Philippe . He had acquired two houses he relia by a tower built by the famous French architect Louis Visconti , imposing house called Castle Tuda , listed as a Historic Monument . Another famous character of the town, the aviator Jean Casale said Marquis Montferratto , hero of the 14-18 war. He got the biggest and rarest French and foreign decorations , it was record- altitude and speed and died of a plane crash June 23, 1923 at the age of 30 years. The municipality has dedicated a monument near the church . Tourist Office of St Florent .

Olmeta di Tuda
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