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Pero Casevecchie

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Pero Casevecchie

Pero Casevecchie is a village in the foothills, situated 460 meters above sea level. Divided into two hamlets. Pero, main hamlet of the village, with the remarkable architecture made of beautiful buildings of the 18th century and Casevecchie, small village situated at the foot of Monte di Tagliu. Pero Casevecchie offers the green landscape of a chestnut forest. Real balcony on the sea where one can discover a unique view of the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, it has remained very authentic. Discover: The Church of the Annunziata in Pero. A Casa Cumuna. The chapel of the Assunta. U Ponte di i Frati. Source: Tourist Office of Costa Verde

Pero Casevecchie
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